Eye-catching designs are essential for every business.

There are many reasons why business owners may find themselves needing designs: from blog and social media graphics, to logos and flyers needed to promote your business and/or its products and services. Design work is easy when you have a team of individuals dedicated to the craft, but for small businesses who may not have the budget or the knowledge – you may find yourself running into issues on how to make beautiful designs. If you are without a design team or need to quickly create eye-catching designs for your social media posts or marketing campaigns – there’s a way to both effectively and easily do this: Canva!

If your business is considering using Canva, let us give you three reasons why the platform is a great way to quickly design work for your business. 


What is Canva? 

Canva is “an online design and visual communication platform with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design anything and publish everywhere.” The image builder launched in 2013 and has made quite the splash, boasting over 15 billion created designs, is in 190 countries and features over 100 languages. 

With Canva users can create Instagram and Facebook posts, flyers, resumes, business cards and even YouTube thumbnails easily, making it a great tool for businesses who need small scale design work. 

Here are three reasons why Canva is a great tool for small businesses.


An Affordable Design Option 

Most small businesses have budgets that need to be equally divided among multiple departments, which means there may not be the opportunity to hire someone to specifically handle design work. 

Creating a Canva account is free and the platform allows users the ability to use many of its features (graphics, images, texts) under its free tier. If you find yourself needing additional advanced features, Canva does offer a paid version, which includes a wider range of templates, images, typography and more. 


Design Experience Isn’t Essential 

Canva is an intuitive drag and drop image builder, which makes creating images easy to do. If you need to make an image that will appear on social media channels, a brochure or even a presentation, all you have to do is search for the type of project you’re working on and select your preferred template.

If you want to move beyond a ready made template, Canva users can create their own custom designs. You can begin with a blank page and add your own elements, colors, typography, etc.. 


Create and Save Time 

With Canva, you can save time designing projects thanks to the platform’s simple duplicate and edit feature. Users can replicate graphics under new content, which not only streamlines the design process, but helps with brand consistency. 

Users can also create designs in bulk. This is ideal when you have to create numerous versions of the same design with minimal changes. 


Blufish Understands the Power of Design 

As you can see, Canva can be a great tool for a business in need of a simple design tool. 

Blufish’s design team understands how important strong visuals are to a businesses overall identity. That is why we offer a wide range of creative services including, print design, email, digital advertising and campaign creation. If your business is ready to elevate its designs, contact us today! 

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