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Great things are crafted when people get together to create lasting memories. For the brew crew at Mayhew Junction Brewery it was time to share their celebrated suds, so they engaged us to create their brand, website, and design their assets including their taps and cans.

The partners wanted us to capture a deeply personal representation of their favorite beer flavors, which essentially was the foundation of their friendship. They also wanted their brand to honor Mayhew Junction, where once upon a time alcohol was prohibited in town, the crossroad was the closest place where people could gather and legally enjoy their beer. The crossroads became the place to socialize and celebrate good times.

Our team developed a set of mood boards, which had the needed elements to design a brand that had a rustic yet authentic feel and that captured the "juke joint" essence. We focused on what set Mayhew Junction Brewery apart from other craft breweries and aligned the messaging to express their unique personalities.


After we conducted interviews and research we knew our creations would need to pay tribute to their storied friendship and to the history of the crossroads. Capturing the essence of their friendship, their different personalities, and their unique stories were important elements we wanted to reflect in our design.