Custom Stadium Website
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The University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale Arizona is a multi-purpose facility with a retractable roof and field. Unlike any other stadium in North America, this stadium is a marvel of design, engineering, and technology. Spectra, experts in hosting and entertainment, won the bid to manage venues for University of Phoenix Stadium, excluding the Arizona Cardinals. They commissioned Blufish's expertise to elevate user experience.

Spectra asked us to update and refresh the stadium's existing brand and website. We were also commissioned to develop and provide digital marketing assets. As we became involved in the project, it evolved into continuous relationship and we create marketing materials for promotional events occurring in our local market.

Our team created a custom CMS (content management system) enabling users the ability to add and edit events and information throughout the site. This custom interface drives efficiency and streamlines the content management processes, which are critical to managing at this grand scale. In addition to creating a new online experience, we were asked to rebrand all bids for global events such as Wrestlemania, Copa America, NCAA Championship, and the Superbowl, to name a few. The brands, designs, and user experience reflects the progressive elements we aimed to incorporate into this project.


Our process began with analyzing the stadium. We wanted to push our design elements to reflect the stadiums' progressive design. We knew our brand and digital marketing creations needed to be cohesive to properly promote sporting events, musical concerts, and an array of global entertaining events, so we made that our foundation. Efficiency also became a top priority and we needed to develop a solution to streamline processes.