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Get to Know the People that Make up Blufish

You may want to know what the key is to delivering groundbreaking designs and strategies and we have the answer. It’s the willingness to push the envelope, constantly evolve and unlock new levels of your creativity. At Blufish, we do just that. The knowledge and fervor that our team has for delivering top notch designs and data driven marketing is unmatched. Each member of the Blufish team possesses a unique set of capabilities, paired with a love for teamwork, allowing us to band together to produce the best work possible.

The Leadership Team

Principal / New Business Development

Armed with a simple idea to better streamline the often complex world of agencies and branding, Matt created Blufish in 2002 with the simple, straightforward notion that a professional design and advertising agency could be as approachable and fun as it is effective and expert-driven. Fast forward to today, and you’ll see Blufish has grown into a full-service, digital-savvy, creative powerhouse. Faced with the envious challenge of dividing his time between the red rock splendor of Arizona and the Rocky Mountain majesty of Colorado, Matt devotes himself to his family, his faith, his team, and his work.​

Principal / Director of Client Services

With almost 20 years of experience in home building sales and marketing roles throughout the Denver metro area, Becky is leveraging her professional network to expand Blufish along the Front Range. Based in Denver, Becky manages the Front Range office, caters to her client’s needs, and focuses primarily on business development locally. At home, Becky loves spending quality time with her daughters, playing outdoors with her imperfectly perfect dog Tucker, and sharing a glass of wine (or two) with Matt.​

Carlos Mendez
Director of Digital + Social Services

Always one step ahead of his peers, with a tenured background in digital marketing strategy, there’s nothing Carlos can’t do—or make happen. From meticulously managing the fast-paced day-to-day (including overseeing $100 million in ad spend) to the intensive and fine-tuned detail work of strategy and analytics, Carlos brings his A-game to every client he works with, and every project or task he oversees. When not slaying the digital space, Carlos likes to run, mountain bike, and keep his soccer skills sharp—he did play semi-pro, after all.​

Creative Director

As a Creative Director with over 15 years of design expertise, Judy brings extensive knowledge from several industries. Her keen eye for detail and desire to balance beauty with function allow her to solve creative problems in a meaningful way. When Judy is not focused on pixel perfection, she enjoys training with her husband at the gym, riding bikes with her two daughters, and taking family walks with their dog Calvin.​

Director of Interactive Development

Originally from Nebraska, Connor moved to Arizona to attend Arizona State University and graduated in 2013. His design and development career has been focused on creating interactive experiences that are not just aesthetically appealing, but add value for his clients and brings them closer to their goals. Outside of UI/UX design, you might find Connor reading a John Flanagan novel or buying tickets to yet another concert—preferably 80’s hair metal.​

The Talent

Kayla Baca
Senior Graphic Designer
Nate Kraus
Senior Wordpress Developer
Kristy Taykalderanian
Production Artist + CAD Specialist
Spencer Reeves
Graphic Designer
Ty Dahlstrom
Senior Social Media Strategist
Bonnie Baker
Project Manager
Anna Murphy
Junior Social Media Manager

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