Our very own Matt Hasher makes an appearance on this week’s episode of AZ Big Media’s “AZ Big Podcast!” In this episode, Matt speaks to hosts Michael Gossie and Amy Lindsay about the origins of Blufish and exciting website trends to look out for in 2023. 

In the episode, Matt shares how he began his career in advertising. Upon moving to Arizona from south Florida, Matt began working with a design agency, which led to much success. He helped the agency grow, leading it to become the third largest agency in Arizona.

In 2008, Matt noticed that the advertising industry began to focus on what marketing campaigns would provide the best ROI. That is what he focuses on at Blufish, “We’ve pivoted our agency now to where we’re really focused on being a graphic design firm at heart, but we have to be focused on the end result. We have to produce something that’s measurable,” says Matt. 

On the mission and purpose of Blufish, Matt states that to many, advertising trends can be hard to keep up with and once you think you have it understood, it’s immediately outdated. “It (Blufish) was the idea of, sort of, simplifying the crazy world of advertising down to something simple,” he says.

Matt states how important work culture is, “It starts from us creating a situation with an office that has tremendous walkability, because we’re together in those walls of our office more than you might be at home and so being able to, sort of, as a group be able to stay both within the walls and work together, but also get out into the community, I think that’s really helped our culture.” Matt also attributes a strong office culture to taking annual trips to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. 

When it comes to websites and digital marketing, Matt states that business leaders shouldn’t view their websites as a “brochure,” rather a user experience. In the same vein, for 2023, Matt states that website load times are something that businesses should keep an eye on. “You have to have something that’s quick, fast loading and user experience still needs to be there,” he says. 

During the interview, Matt also discusses upcoming marketing trends that he finds to be exciting, what video content means to the advertising world and predictions on what business leaders need to do in order to strengthen their digital marketing efforts.

Take a listen to Matt’s episode here! You can also find AZ Big Podcast’s episode archives here


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