How can a business achieve a clearly defined brand identity? What can be done to create eye-catching designs? What are ways to perfect your social media, website content and overall tone of voice? These are questions we at Blufish relentlessly work to answer every day for our clients. 

An established identity is one of the most important aspects of a business, it showcases who you are without saying a word. It is easily recognizable, creative, unique and establishes your brand as a leader in its respective industry. 

And with that understanding, Blufish is excited to announce both our new and improved website and brand refresh! 

Just in time for our 20th anniversary, it was the perfect moment for the Blufish brand to evolve. Updating the visual style and messaging to incorporate an air of sophistication to our experienced brand, the inclusion of eye-catching graphic patterns and intense color saturation paired with a beach-like feel showcases the playful worldliness that makes Blufish what it is. Our voice reflects the unique knowledge that the entire Blufish team possesses, providing informative and detailed information about the work we do. 

As an award-winning design studio, we work diligently to create groundbreaking designs, deliver data driven marketing insights, write informative copy and create expert social media content that is sure to land engagement. With a team who offers so much, our brand refresh properly showcases all of the work we do and perfectly encapsulates who we are. 

Reflecting on the fun, fresh and innovative ideas that we create for Bufish clients on a daily basis, our brand new website is the visual representation of such ideals. features an interactive layout showcasing our services, designs, the stories behind the work we do and, of course, the team behind it all. 

Blufish’s mission from the very beginning has been to partner with businesses to implement strategies that will take their brands to the next level. And that is what we will continue to do.

Ready to make a splash? If your business would like to learn more about Blufish and/or are interested in the services that we offer, contact us  today! We’d love to help! Our group of designers, strategists, developers and project managers are eager to partner with you. 

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