Creativity and data often find themselves in competition when it comes to the world of marketing and advertising.

Without the numbers to back up your efforts, your marketing strategies may fall into the abyss of a cluttered market place. On the other hand, creativity is what intrigues and draws your audience in. With both data and creativity, you have two juggernauts competing for importance. But is one more important than the other? 

In today’s blog we’ll talk about data and creativity in marketing. Can they co-exist and even work together? Will your marketing efforts suffer depending on which one you go with? Let’s dive in.   

The Purpose of Data

Being able to track and report metrics is a dream for marketing professionals. Strategizing, forecasting and implementing marketing plans are oftentimes made easier when you have the numbers to show how effective your strategies are (or aren’t). 

Data driven marketing comes with a host of benefits that give marketing teams deeper insight into the overall performance of their work. Having numbers on your side can help marketers do the following:

  • Provides marketing teams with better insight into their customers/target audience.  
  • Helps you better understand what type of content customers respond to most
  • Show data/numbers to clients as a way to prove that marketing efforts are succeeding 
  • Data allows you to understand how effective or ineffective your marketing strategies are

And yes, while the benefits of data driven marketing is a major key to success, by focusing too much on numbers you may forget about the importance of creativity in your overall messaging. Which leads us to…

The Importance of Creativity in Marketing 

While data is a proven source of success for marketing teams, it doesn’t mean that the creative side of things should be neglected. From eye-catching imagery and visual components to smart and forward thinking copywriting – it is important to make sure that the right side of our brains (where imagination resides) are represented too! 

It intrigues potential customers, prompts them to engage with your marketing and can lead to your ultimate goal – a sale! According to a Nielsen Report, 47% of brand’s sales are due to the creative side of advertising. Without the inclusion of a creative element, your marketing efforts can suffer a significant loss. Benefits include: 

  • Builds brand awareness 
  • Establishes a strong, emotional connection with your audience
  • Helps you engage, target and reach your target audience/market
  • Helps your brand stand out from the competition and establishes you as a brand leader

The truth is, you don’t have to choose between data and creativity. They both service an equally unique and important purpose. Both data and creativity can work together to create a personalized marketing experience. And the real skill is finding a way to include your metrics into creative services. 

If you are interested in working with a full service marketing and design agency, Blufish is here to help take your brand to the next level. Contact us today to learn more! 

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