Every day, millions of businesses, large and small, rely on Google Analytics to understand the customer journey, return on investment (ROI) and to create better experiences for them, because every marketing dollar counts. This is why your business needs to be prepared for the latest change by Google Analytics.

In the past couple of years we have seen users and platforms raise their concern for privacy, which is why we are seeing a major shift in consumer behavior and privacy-driven changes to longtime industry standards & current analytics that are not keeping pace. 

To battle the privacy issues and to help you get better ROI for your marketing, Google created a new more intelligent Google Analytics. With machine learning at its core and privacy centric design, Google Analytics 4 (GA4) will give you the insights you need as a business owner.

Increase Your Marketing ROI

With Google Analytics 4 (GA4), you will be able to get smarter insights to improve your marketing ROI. The machine learning in GA4 will alert you to significant trends in your data (example: products seeing rising demand because of customer needs). This will allow you as a business owner to make better and smarter decisions.

In-depth Understanding of Customer Interaction With Your Business

The new Google Analytics (GA4) gives you customer-centric measurement, instead of measurement by device or platform. It uses multiple identity spaces, from Google signals to marketer provided User IDs in order to give a complete view of how customers interact with your business. You will also get a better understanding of your customer’s lifecycle, from acquisition to conversion and retention.

Built for Now and Long Term

Because technology continues to evolve, the new Google Analytics 4(GA4) is designed to adapt to a future without cookies or identifiers. This means that you can rely on Google Analytics 4 to help you measure your marketing results while meeting your customer’s needs now and in the future.

The Future is Now

Make sure that your business does not get stuck in the past. Google Analytics is currently available to all, but starting July 2023, the standard Universal Analytics will no longer process data. Blufish understands the importance of this industry update and we want to help, contact us to learn more.

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