One of the most important, and hard to execute, aspects of a company website is the “About Us” page. A description of your business, your about us page is the opportunity to showcase exactly who your business is, what it does and what it provides to customers. 

If your business is planning to launch, relaunch or simply wants to spruce up its website – your about us page is an area of your website that you want to heavily focus on. Do you want to learn how to write an effective about us description? Continue reading to learn more.


State Your Goal(s) as a Business

A factor that makes an about us page strong is stating what your goals are within your respective industry. How do you plan to help strengthen your industry? What can you provide that competitors can’t? Why is your business one that potential customers should care about? Providing a strong statement of intention will surely leave an impression on those who visit your website. 


Tell Us Your Company Story 

The strongest way to humanize your brand is by sharing your story with your customers. No matter if your business has a long-standing history or is still in its early stages, telling the story of how your business came to be creates a bond between you and your potential customers. For well established businesses, Wix recommends sharing anecdotes on the origins of your business. While for businesses in its early stages, your about page should center on what you can offer and should “focus on your new and innovative style.”


Introduce Your Team 

Using your about us page to put faces to the business is an excellent way to personalize and build your brand as well as showcase the team members who keep the business up and running. If you are able to, including images of team members is a great way to break up the text and give potential customers a feel for your company culture. Take it from this Forbes article, avoid showing stock photos and show your actual employees because “clients value authenticity.” 


Provide a Call to Action 

After your audience has finished reading your stellar about us page, it’s important to make sure their time on your website doesn’t end there. Give readers directions on what to do once they conclude your about us statement with a call to action. Here are a few call to actions to use:

  • Read your blog page
  • Sign up for your newsletter
  • Contact the company for services
  • Look at your products page

Be sure to include buttons or links to each of these pages (if it applies to your business). Encouraging readers to continue moving through your website allows them to remain engaged with your business, could potentially encourage a sale/continued business and improves website traffic. 


Work With Blufish 

If your business is interested in revamping the copywriting on its website, Blufish would love to help. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer and how we can help you achieve your goals. And while you’re at it, check out our about us page here!

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