Your work environment can impact your mood either negatively or positively. It plays a role in your mental health, mood, drive and overall work performance. In an office setting where coworkers may feel unfriendly or management is stern or unapproachable, there is a chance that employees may struggle to succeed or feel happy at work.

That is why it is important for managers to create a positive work environment, as it is crucial to both employee happiness and company success. In today’s blog, let’s discuss why a positive environment is important and what leaders can do to foster this type of environment. 


How To Create a Better Workplace for Employees

According to the Harvard Business Review, workplace stress “leads to an increase of almost 50% in voluntary turnover.” 

An environment where employees don’t look forward to going to work and oftentimes feel unhappy while there can be avoided. Managers can’t create the most perfect, peaceful workplace overnight – that type of environment has to be cultivated.

  • Provide a healthy work-life balance: a strong work environment occurs when there is a healthy balance between an employee’s work and personal life. When there is a balance, employees are happier to do their job knowing it won’t take over their life. It is important that employees aren’t always asked to do overtime and are encouraged to take time off when needed. It shows support for their well being and helps avoid burnout.
  • Express gratitude: when thanking employees for their hard work, it gives them a sense of pride and encouragement to continue on a job well done. It is also a sign of respect and admiration for the work your employees do day in and day out. 
  • Perform regular check-ins: whether it is on a weekly or monthly basis, check-ins with employees can help them feel heard and understood. Check-ins are especially important for remote workers. A Harvard Business Review survey shows that 46% of remote workers believe “the most successful managers checked in frequently and regularly.”


Benefits of a Happy Work Environment

Now that you know what you can do to improve the mood around the office, let’s talk about the benefits that can come from it. 

  • Increased productivity: when an employee is happy with their work environment, they are likely to do their part to help the company succeed – an increase in productivity. According to Chron, productivity is “higher in work settings where managers see their subordinates as individuals.” 
  • Strong communication: the Indeed Career Guide states that “positive working environments often include clear communication between various members of an organization.” When employees feel comfortable with communication, they can offer solutions that can lead to the betterment of their careers and the company. 
  • Avoid burnout: typically employees find themselves facing burnout when they are unhappy or overworked. When working in a setting that understands boundaries and is nurturing, burnout is less likely to occur. 


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