You’re likely to have heard the term Artificial Intelligence before. 

According to Britannica, AI is defined as “the ability of a digital computer or computer-controlled robot to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings.” 

Artificial intelligence has become an overnight sensation and a huge topic of conversation in the marketing industry. To be specific, “Generative AI” is where this topic of conversation has been lately. This breakthrough has caused marketing teams to consider changing their approach to content creation. 

Generative AI is being used in a number of ways lately, from analyzing large amounts of data to personalization, copywriting and even image creation. Let’s talk about Generative AI – what is it, how it can be used and most importantly, will it end up being a good thing for the marketing industry? 

What Exactly is Generative Artificial Intelligence? 

Generative artificial intelligence are algorithms used to create content in the forms of audio, images, text, videos and even code. According to Fast Company, generative AI “uses complex machine learning models to predict the next word based on previous word sequences, or the next image based on words describing previous images.” 

How Marketing Teams Use Generative AI

The use of generative AI platforms have begun to rise in popularity with platforms such as ChatGPT. Developed by OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research laboratory, ChatGPT is a chatbot that is trained to follow an instruction and deliver a detailed response. The chatbot was released for public use in November 2022 and has become very popular, with over one million people signing up to use the chatbot in its first five days

As excited as users are about ChatGPT, the platform isn’t without controversy. Time magazine reported that ChatGPT’s creator OpenAI has been called into question about low wages paid to outsourced laborers, amounting to $2 an hour.

Another popular generative AI tool that marketing and design teams may begin to use is Midjourney, an AI program that creates images based on text descriptions. Image based AI platforms have sparked conversations around the potential violation of copyright laws

With tools like ChatGP and Midjourney, many marketing teams may be in search of ways to include it into their work routines. Here are ways it is being used:


  • Writing marketing/sales copy: generative AI can inspire copywriters when writing short articles and blog posts. 
  • Social media copy: can assist social media managers with the creation of social media content writing and images. 
  • Sales chatbots: generative AI can be useful for consumers who are in search of quick answers to questions.
  • Design work: can help designers generate images for their clients/business faster. 

Is Generative AI a Good Thing? 

AI has the potential to help marketers and designers with efficiency – creating meaningful and unique content at a faster pace. It could also help free up more time for marketing teams to then focus on other tasks such as content planning, social media moderation, etc..

While generative AI can be helpful, it is natural to have fears about it. There are risks associated with relying too heavily on AI for content. While it can quickly generate copy or an image, the lack of a human touch is a concern and can easily be felt by clients and their customers. Too much artificial intelligence can begin to ruin brand voice and create a disconnect between a business and its customers. In addition, the content that AI generates could run the risk of simply being incorrect, which can cause distrust between your business and the general public. 


Considering Generative AI? 

Whether your team decides to dive into the world of generative AI or not, it appears to be a trend that we’ll see in the marketing industry this year. 

As the world of AI continues to grow, it is important that your business stays ahead of the curve. And here at Blufish, that’s exactly what we do. If you are interested in revamping your marketing, design or social media strategies, we can help steer your business in the right direction. Contact us today! Let’s discuss your business, current strategies and goals.

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