For those of us living in Arizona, you are likely to experience a buzzing energy throughout the state this month! That’s because the Valley will be hosting two major sporting events including the Big Game! In addition to excitement from fans, businesses both in Arizona and nationwide are preparing for what is sure to be a very busy weekend. 

For business owners, moments like this can stir up feelings of joy and nerves, but with a few helpful tips on how to prepare for the upcoming game, you are sure to win the day just like two certain teams hope to! 


Be Mindful of Terms and Phrases Used on Social Media 

game day copyright terms

During this time of year, you may notice that advertisements and social media posts will make references to the “Big Game.” And there’s a reason for this – that term Super Bowl is copyrighted! In 1969, the NFL copyrighted the term and in order to use it for campaign messaging, promotional materials/paid advertising, social media posts or giveaways, you’ll have to pay up. So many avoid paying and receiving fines by subtly referencing the game in different ways.

Want to promote the game on your business social media channels? Here are a few guidelines:

  • Don’t use the terms Super Bowl, Super Sunday or Gameday 
  • Steer clear of using specific player names in advertisements
  • Avoid using the names of specific teams (as they are copyrighted)
  • Say no to using both the NFL and team graphics/logos in your marketing materials


You can still make references to the game in advertisements, but try these options instead: 

  • Use workaround phrases like the Big Game or the Big Day
  • Mention names of states/cities of teams playing in the game this year 
  • Go about advertising in a fun manner, just like local Arizona restaurants Culinary Dropout and Gadzooks Enchiladas & Soup did in their email campaigns

promotional email


Make Sure Business Information is Up to Date

up to date business information for game day

From retail shops to restaurants and everything in between, your business is likely to experience more foot traffic the weekend of the game. And when preparing for an event of this magnitude, it is important to make sure your business information is accurate. 

Make sure that your business address, hours, products and menus are up to date on all platforms including your business website, Google business profile, Facebook, Yelp and social media platforms. It is important to make sure new patrons know exactly where you’re located and what you offer. Updating your business information may be a heavy task to take on and we understand! At Blufish we can assist with updating important business information in preparation for the big day. 


Spice Up Your Marketing 

game day marketing strategies

While the Sunday of the big game isn’t technically a holiday, many consider it to be. And as we know with holidays, retailers typically roll out exciting marketing strategies.

This is the perfect opportunity to try out new deals, sales and even exciting giveaways to intrigue your regular customers and entice new ones to give your business a try. When promoting your specials, be mindful of something we spoke about earlier in the blog – copyrighted terms. Be sure not to use logos and copyrighted terms in your marketing imagery and advertisements. 


Ready for the Big Day? 

The big day is almost here and we hope that we’ve given you some helpful tips that will make the day easier for you and your business. And if you’re still feeling overwhelmed, the team at Blufish is here to help! Contact us today. We’d love to assist with marketing efforts, social media management and even website design for the big day and beyond. 

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