What brings people together is the feeling of connection. And with business, that sentiment is no different.

A business or brand that is void of a human touch may find itself having a hard time forging a connection with customers. Goals such as increasing sales or building a strong online presence are difficult to achieve when your customers (or potential customers) don’t understand who you really are. 

Humanizing your brand may seem like a tall task or may even be one that you haven’t thought of. No matter which side of the coin you land on, humanizing your brand is an essential marketing tool and can be the difference between a semi successful business and one that is a true star in its respective field. 

Here are four essential ways to humanize your brand through marketing. 

Develop (and consistently show) Your Brand’s Tone of Voice  

Just as every person has their own unique voice and characteristics, brands do too, which is why humanizing a brand often begins with establishing its specific voice. A strong and consistent voice helps to support your brand’s image and in addition, can also separate you from your competitors. With establishing a unique tone of voice, customers feel more connected to you, as if they are interacting with an actual person and not just a business. Be sure to make your tone of voice consistent across your entire website, social media channels and other forms of communications. Consistency is key! 

Give a Behind the Scenes Glimpse 

One of the best ways to humanize your brand is by giving your customers a look into your day to day operations. Highlighting your employees, sharing what a typical day in the office looks like and even sharing images of company outings brings out the human side of your brand. It is relatable and shows the people (and processes) behind the business. 

Share User Content

Another way to humanize your brand is by showing your audience that you have a great relationship with your customers and that there is already an audience of people who enjoy your products and/or services. Sharing images and testimonials of customers using your products can instill more trust in a potential customer and also acts as additional promotion for your business. 

Place Emphasis on Visual Content 

Photographs and videos are some of the strongest ways to humanize your brand because you can show your audience who you are, what you do and all that your business has to offer. Consider sharing tutorial style video content so customers can see how your products and/or services are used. In addition to video, be sure to use high-resolution images of your products on your business website and social media pages – it’s not only appealing to the eye, but professional! 

If your business needs help with humanizing its brand or other marketing strategies, Blufish can help! Contact us to learn how we can bring your brand to life. 

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