When you think about logos, which ones come to mind? What logos are true standouts? But more importantly what makes them stand out? 

For all businesses, deciding on what your logo should be is an intense, crucial decision. Oftentimes businesses believe that once you have a logo, it can’t change however, that’s not true. Logo redesigns are an option too! And there are a myriad of reasons why a redesign may be needed.   

So how do you know when a redesign needs to happen for your own brand? In today’s blog, we’ll discuss when it may be time to consider redesigning your logo and the benefits that come along with the refresh!


When is it Time to Consider a Redesign?

Change in Audience 

As businesses grow and evolve, you may find that your initial target audience and the services that your business provides are no longer the same. As your business expands and matures, your current logo may no longer speak to who your business is now. With a logo that does not match the brand, your business runs the risk of losing its business/customer connection and having a brand that feels disconnected from its purpose. 


New Competition 

You may have begun to notice that your industry is becoming more competitive. In an effort to remain trusted and relevant, a logo redesign can help position your business as a modern, fresh and trusted industry leader. This will help your business remain competitive and possibly lead the pack. 


Your Current Logo is Outdated and Unidentifiable 

The main reason why your logo needs to be updated is that it has aged… and not for the better. Design trends (like all trends) tend to change over time and chances are that your early 2000s logo no longer fits in with the design trends of the 2020’s. It is important to make sure your logo doesn’t follow trends so closely that it looks like all of your competitors, rather that it is a design that feels fresh and modern, yet timeless.


What a Logo Redesign Can Do

A logo redesign isn’t done simply for aesthetic purposes, it’s also a strategic decision. A new logo can be the start of a refreshing change for your business that comes with its fair share of benefits. 


Solidify Brand Identity 

As a business continues to grow, many changes take place such as catering to a new audience or entering new markets. With those changes, you want to have a logo that is universal, speaks to the audience and has the potential to be both easily recognizable and connected to your business. With a strong logo that has a direct connection to your business and its services, you can begin to establish and solidify your brand’s overall identity. 


Spark New Interest in Your Business 

With a redesigned logo that closely aligns with modern trends and your business’s overall goals, you now have the ability to generate interest from a new audience. A striking logo can lead to an increase in popularity and sales. It is important to make a redesign work for you. 


Make Your Business a Trusted One

With a newly redesigned, relevant logo your business can establish itself as a trusted leader in its industry. Make sure that your logo is true to your business’ mission as well as the products and services that it provides. 

At Blufish, we believe in the power of your business and its brand which is why we work relentlessly to deliver our clients the best work possible. If your business is considering a logo redesign, we would love to help! Contact us today for more information.

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