In order to remain at the forefront of your respective industry, it is important to provide your audience with content that is both informative and engaging. To take it a step further, that content also needs to be published on a consistent basis. That can be difficult to do at times – whether it’s a lack of time, burnout or not having enough help.

This is where content batching comes into play. The method allows for you to create content consistently without the worry of falling behind or not having enough content to regularly share with your audience. 

If you are interested in finding ways to produce content that can be scheduled over time, continue reading!


What is Content Batching?

Content batching is defined by Later as, “a productivity technique where you create all of your captions or visual content during a set period of time.” 

For example, instead of working on one graphic and caption for an Instagram post right before it is scheduled to publish, you can spend a significant amount of time working on several post ideas, graphics and their captions weeks in advance. 

The same can be done for blog posts, too. Writers can spend a day planning topics and draft copy the following day. Next, you can gather images for the blog and put together all of the needed social media assets. Finally, after the work is complete, you can schedule these posts for the next couple of weeks 


What Are the Benefits of Content Batching? 

The purpose of content batching is to help you stay ahead of the curve, giving you the opportunity to focus on other equally important tasks. Here are some benefits of content batching. 


Saves Time

Content batching eliminates the rush of creating social media posts or blogs each week. When you have enough content prepared for a week or even a month, you now have time to focus on other aspects of your job. 


Creates Publishing Consistency 

When you create content ahead of time, you now have the golden opportunity to plan your publishing schedule in advance. Mapping out what days and times each piece of content will roll out, gives your audience consistent content to engage with. 


Allows for Content Repurposing 

The great thing about creating content, is that it can always be repurposed in the future – in fact, we created a blog about repurposing content! When you have large amounts of content prepared ahead of time, it can be turned into new forms of content. For example, blogs can be turned into short form videos or graphics and shared to different social media platforms. 

Repurposing allows you to get the most out of your content, so not only can you batch original content weeks in advance, it can also gain a new life with repurposing. 


Blufish Knows Content 

We understand that creating content on a consistent basis can be difficult to do at times, which is why we want to help you! The Blufish team knows how to create fresh and exciting content – from strong copywriting to informative blogs and striking social media content – let us help you. Contact us today to learn more about our services! 

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