There is a strong chance that you’ve received an Instagram notification alerting you that a user has invited you to join their broadcast channel. If you don’t keep up with every announced Instagram update, the broadcast channel feature may be perplexing. 

How does it work? What is it? Continue reading today’s blog as we discuss Instagram Broadcast Channels, how it works and how your business can best use this feature.


What is the Instagram Broadcast Channel Feature?

In February of this year, Instagram Broadcast Channels was announced. The “one-to-many messaging” feature gives creators the ability to send text, videos, photos and voice notes to followers, sharing “their latest updates and behind-the-scenes moments and even create polls to crowdsource fan feedback.” Only the channel creator is allowed to send messages, while followers can only react and vote in polls. 

In June, the feature was extended to millions of users, along with updates on upcoming features. 

One upcoming feature includes the ability to bring another creator into the channel to discuss “upcoming collabs, collect questions for an AMA (ask me questions) via question prompts, and more.”

In addition to that, broadcast channels will soon introduce new managing and promotional controls for creators such as “setting an expiration date and time on their channel, adding a moderator to help manage members, messages and content.” 

Broadcast Channels are coming soon to Messenger and Facebook.  


How Does It Work? 

If a broadcast channel sounds like something your business is interested in implementing, here’s how starting one works.

When you receive access, you can open up a broadcast channel all from within your Instagram inbox. Once you start your channel, all of your followers will receive a “one-time notification”  to join. Creators have the choice to invite all of their followers to their channel or limit it to paid subscribers for exclusive content. In the event followers missed the one-time notification, creators can encourage followers to join by using a “Join channel” sticker in their stories or by pinning the channel link to their profile.

Once you start your channel, you can begin sharing news and updates with your followers! 


How to Join a Broadcast Channel

As previously mentioned, users can join channels in three different ways:

  1. Using the link via a creator’s story sticker 
  2. Using the link pinned to their profile
  3. Using the one-time notification sent to followers once a channel is created

When you have joined a channel, it will appear in the inbox section of the Instagram app. Channel followers can also send a channel link to friends for them to follow, as well.

Channel followers have the option to mute, leave or turn off channel notifications if they choose. 


How This Feature Can Help Businesses and Brands

It can be intimidating having to learn a new feature, but starting a broadcast channel can be beneficial for your brand. Here’s why:

Businesses can use their broadcast channel as a way to share content that you want a specific group of people to see. For example, your channel can be used as a way to give a behind-the-scenes look into upcoming products, services and/or sales. 

For followers who have chosen to follow your broadcast channel, it can also be an indicator that they are very invested in your business. In that instance, you are more likely to get more engagement and opinions (poll votes) from them which can help you create better products and services for them. 

A broadcast channel is also a great way to send one message to a large group of people in a place where they are more likely to see it, as opposed to using Instagram stories and posts, which can often get lost within users’ feeds. 


Blufish Knows Social Media 

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