Crafting unique and interesting content for your clients is standard in the world of marketing and advertising. And with constant content creation, you’re likely to run into the occasional creative roadblock, preventing you from coming up with new ideas. 

This issue is normal, but getting out of it can be tough. So how can it be done? Content repurposing. It can momentarily take the weight of developing new ideas off of your shoulders and allows you to share previous content through a new lens. 


What is Content Repurposing? 

Defined by Hubspot as “reusing existing content and presenting it in a new format to expand its reach and lifespan,” content repurposing can be a great tool to update and share older work with your audience. 


Three Ways to Repurpose Old Content 

Repurposing content is easier than you may think. Here are a few ideas to give your old content a new life. 


Create Video and Audio Out of Old Content 

Everyone has their preferred method of digesting information – there’s reading, video and even audio. For audience members who steer clear of long form, written content, you can take written pieces of the past and create video and audio components!

Popular platforms such as TikTok, Instagram Reels, Youtube and podcasts are perfect avenues to repurpose content through a medium that will grab your audience’s attention. Consider creating a video or podcast series, where previously published blogs can act as a topic of discussion. Depending on the platform you choose, these video/audio pieces can either be long form (podcasts and are ideal here) or medium to short form videos (Youtube videos, TikToks and Reels).

You can then take your video/audio component and turn it into a new post to feature on your website and social media pages! 


Create Eye-Catching Infographics 

Stunning visuals are a great way to grab your audience’s attention, so consider working alongside your design team to create infographics!

If you have blog posts that include statistics or striking quotes, summarize that information with a beautiful graphic. Infographics can be posted to your social media accounts and can even be placed within the appropriate blog posts. You can share bite sized pieces of information, educate your audience and increase your social media presence at the same time. 


Do a Social Media Swap

You’re likely to have scrolled through your Instagram feed and noticed a follower’s post including a screenshot of a tweet. Or saw that a TikTok made its way to Twitter. Repurposing content can be as easy as taking it from one social media platform and sharing it on another. 

This is often referred to as cross posting, which Buffer defines as sharing “the same content onto multiple platforms.” Not only does cross posting save time on creating unique content per social media channel, but it increases your overall reach and engagement.


Simply Refresh Old Content, Then Share It Again 

Some content isn’t evergreen, meaning it may include information that hasn’t aged well. While it may have included information that was accurate at the time, things change quickly, especially in the marketing world.

Consider reading over former blog posts and updating them with more timely, accurate information. Some of the original material may be salvageable, with only a few details needing change – while other posts may need a complete overhaul. Once you’ve updated a blog with more relevant information, promote it on your social media channels.


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