When promoting your business, many companies make Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and even Facebook their go to resource, but there could be an untapped platform not typically mentioned in the same breath as those social media platforms.  


While not the most flashy of social media channels, Pinterest is quite the effective platform. Featuring 433 million users, Pinterest boasts incredible stats. More than 60% of the platform’s global users are women and 80% of site users have discovered new brands and products, which could make Pinterest the perfect place for your business to market itself. 

Continue reading to learn how to set yourself up for Pinterest success.


What is Pinterest Exactly? 

The self-described “visual discovery engine,” Pinterest is a platform for users to find inspiration for meals, interior design, fashion and more. On users’ home feeds, “pins,” (images and videos) can be found from people and businesses the platform thinks you’ll enjoy based on your activity. Pins can be saved and organized into folders called “boards.” Users can also search pins in the search bar.

What makes Pinterest a great potential target audience for businesses is that users can also shop designated pins, thus opening up your business to revenue from a new audience. 


Using Pinterest to Market Your Business

Start off by developing a marketing strategy for your Pinterest account. Here’s how to accomplish this: 

  • Learn about Pinterest’s overall audience and demographics to see if they align with your audience. 
  • As with all marketing campaigns, research how your competitors use the platform.
  • Create a marketing calendar where your planned Pinterest content will go. 


Create Captivating Pins and Plan Your Boards

One of the most crucial factors to finding success on Pinterest is creating and posting engaging visual content. When creating images and videos for the platform, be sure to do the following: 

  • Create consistent content. 
  • Write SEO friendly descriptions.
  • Create both high quality vertical pins. 
  • Make sure all links connected with your pins work.
  • Find clever ways to incorporate your business logo into your original pins. 

In addition to creating content for your Pinterest page, you’ll want to be strategic with your board organization. 97% of searched pins are unbranded searches, this could be a great opportunity for your business to create pins and boards that can lead searches directly to your page. Create individual boards that coincide with specific products and services so Pinterest users have a visual display of all your business has to offer. 


Promotion and Metrics Tracking

Now that you have your Pinterest page up and running, you must inform your audience of this on other platforms. Ways to promote your new page include linking your Pinterest page profile on your business website and cross promoting your page on other social media channels.

In order to know how successful you’re performing on Pinterest, track your metrics. It will give you an idea of how well your pins are (or aren’t) performing and what content your audience gravitates to. With that data in mind, your social media manager can create content based on what your audience responds to.    


Let Blufish Help You

If your business is looking to expand its reach on social media, we can help! Our dedicated team of digital strategists are here to help you develop a winning marketing strategy. Contact us today for more! 

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