At the beginning stages of your business, you may often think about the type of audience you want to attract based on your products and services. This thought process is very common and often leads business owners to wonder how they will attain that specific audience. In today’s blog, we’ll talk about target audiences and the best ways to place your business in front of their eyes. 

What is a Target Audience? 

A target audience is defined by Semrush as, “a specific group of people most likely to be interested in your products or services.” When searching for a target audience, companies consider information such as gender, age, location, profession and income. 

Semrush also mentions that in order for customers to feel connected to a product or brand, it is important for them to connect with the content and tone of the company’s message. “Knowing which audience you’re targeting with each campaign will ensure that you speak their language.”

How to Find Your Target Audience

Define Your Audience 

Before you begin down the track of finding ways to target your audience, you want to first define who your audience is. Consider the following factors when defining your audience:

  • Who best benefits from your products and services? 
  • What does your competitor’s audience look like? 
  • Think about factors such as potential customer age, employment, location and income. 

When you’re able to solidify this type of information, you can develop a better understanding of your ideal customer, how they make purchasing decisions and how to appropriately market toward them. According to Hubspot, “targeting a specific audience will help your campaigns reach the correct people who will relate most to your company’s message and products.” 

Track Your Social Media Analytics   

It’s important to look at analytics from each of your social media pages, as each platform has their unique audience. Twitter typically features a younger base that enjoys shorter content, Facebook leans toward an older audience and long-form content, while Instagram (obviously) favors visual content. Depending on which platform gives you the most engagement, it can be telling of your audience and what type of content they prefer/respond best to. 

When tracking social media analytics, Facebook Insights will give you specifics on your audience. For example, these insights can show you who is interacting with your posts and where they are from. Knowing this type of information can help with marketing campaigns. 

Try Targeted Advertising 

The simplest way to find your audience is by using targeted advertising platforms such as Google Ads, as it offers advanced capabilities to reach specific customers. Shopify says the following, “you can target your campaigns based on various characteristics and behaviors of your audience.” Targeted ads will make sure your advertisements are shown to a selected audience who may be interested in your business. 

Let Blufish Help You Find Your Audience 

The Blufish team has experience helping businesses find their target audience and if you are in search of yours, contact us today for our expertise! 

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