If you are an individual or a business who uses YouTube as a home for your video content, consider this blog post an important one for you. 

With over 2 billion monthly active users, it goes without saying that Youtube is one of the most popular apps and forms of entertainment. With such a large grouping of people (nearly a quarter of the world’s population, to be exact) watching video content on YouTube, there is a strong chance that you will be able to connect with others and find your target audience. And while finding your target audience can be easier with a platform as huge as YouTube, there are things that you can do on your end to best optimize your videos, find your audience and increase your views. 

If you are in search of how to best optimize your videos, continue reading to learn more. 


What is YouTube SEO? 

YouTube SEO is defined by Shopify as, “the process of optimizing videos through keyword research so your video content shows up in relevant search results.” Shopify also goes on to explain that YouTube is often used as a search engine alongside Google, showing that video content is a favorite among consumers. 


Best Optimization Tips 

Here are a few easy ways to optimize your YouTube videos. 


Insert Keyword into Video Title 

When searching for a video on YouTube, you are likely to be met with many options, so what makes you click on one video as opposed to another? The title, most likely. 

So when you begin optimizing your videos, make sure that your title is clear, concise and includes specific keywords. Adding a keyword ensures that viewers know exactly what it is that they are about to watch. The most important factor when including keywords is to ensure that it falls into the title naturally. Another important tip is to keep your title short, as longer titles may be cut off in the results page.


Include Hashtags 

Like other social media platforms, hashtags are a great way to gain exposure and grow your audience, the same can happen on YouTube! Adding relevant hashtags to your video title and descriptions, allows users to click/search those hashtags to find related content. 

A rule of thumb is to be mindful of the number of hashtags you use for each video, too many hashtags can come across as spam. When choosing your hashtags, Sprout Social recommends that they should be the main topic of your video, company name (if that’s applicable) and brand name. 


Categorize Your Video 

When users really want to specify their YouTube search, they may go to the advanced options, which shows a selection of categories. It is essential to categorize your video, so you have a stronger chance of being found. Not only does choosing a category for your video group it with similar content, it also allows your videos to appear on playlists, allowing you to gain exposure to viewers of a similar audience. 


Blufish Knows Optimization

If your business is searching for ways to increase their reach on Youtube or wants to expand into video content, Blufish can help. Contact us today for more.

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