Often overlooked in preference of other social media platforms, LinkedIn is beginning to have a resurgence among working professionals. Many are beginning to see the importance of LinkedIn, moving away from Twitter due to its changing algorithm, which has begun to affect metrics. 

You may have a Linkedin account that you occasionally log into out of curiosity or when searching for (or posting) a new job opening – but what many may not realize is that Linkedin is more than just a vehicle for job hunting, it can help both businesses and individuals grow their brand. Here are a few ways you can use LinkedIn to grow your brand.  


Complete (and Optimize) Your Profile 

It’s all about first impressions. 

As simple (and obvious) as this sounds, completing your LinkedIn profile is the best place to start with the expansion of your personal brand. This is a step that many users skip and it can end up costing them. The best place to start is by adding a high-resolution headshot image – making sure potential connections can see who you are is essential. 

Next, we suggest writing a captivating bio, complete with information about your studies, work experiences and areas of specialization. When writing your bio, be sure to include keywords relevant to your career/career goals – using the correct keywords will place you in the necessary search results, making it easier for the right people to find you.


Don’t Have a Dormant Account – Participate! 

There is no benefit in creating a LinkedIn account only to abandon it shortly after. You will need to provide value to the platform in some way, shape or form in order to grow. Try providing informative and engaging posts about your respective industry in order to grow your brand and audience. Providing thoughtful content allows you to showcase your talents and personality. It can also establish you as a leader in your industry.

Be sure to engage with the content that your connections create, as well! Leaving comments and liking posts is a great way to support other users. 


Networking is Essential

At its core, LinkedIn is all about networking. Many users pride themselves on having a large amount of connections, but when building your brand remember the age old rule: quality over quantity. 

The key to connecting with others the right way on LinkedIn is to find individuals and companies with active profiles that are also within your specific industry. There are many benefits to networking on LinkedIn: you can develop strong business connections, become a more visible presence, advance your career and simply gain more knowledge.


Consider Building Your Presence on LinkedIn

So the next time you log into LinkedIn, consider an alternative to mindlessly scrolling and quickly logging out. There’s so much more to the platform than you may have recognized. 

At Blufish, we specialize in all things digital design, including social media management! If you are searching for ways to better leverage your LinkedIn page, we would like to help. Through planning, developing content, tracking analytics and scheduling posts, our digital services team works diligently to create the social media content that will connect you to your target audience. Contact us now to learn more.

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