It’s a new year, which means new marketing trends are on the horizon! 

At the end of year, it’s great to look back on marketing trends that took the year by storm. As a matter of fact, we recapped those trends in our final blog post of 2022, which you can read here. Now that we are in a new year, predictions have been made about  trends that marketing teams around the world will likely test out. 

As with all trends, some are destined to become mainstays, while others may come and quickly go. Let’s cover a few potential marketing trends that you are likely to see this year. 

Continuous Rise in User Generated Content 

User generated content is original, brand specific content created by customers. The content typically consists of images, videos, reviews (and more) that is typically shared to a brand’s social pages or business website.  

While user generated content isn’t a new phenomenon for brands, it has become more popular over the past few years – especially because of the pandemic. For businesses, creating content during the earlier days of COVID-19 was difficult due to production limitations. With user generated content, it can be created at home, with little to no budget and helps a business continue its marketing efforts in the midst of trying times.

There are many benefits to user generated content, including strengthening a brand’s trustworthiness, establishing brand loyalty, increasing social media engagement/followers and the fact that it works well for social commerce efforts. 


TikTok Will Continue its Dominance 

TikTok is huge and in 2023, it doesn’t look like that will change, especially in the world of social media marketing. Just last year, TikTok reached over one billion monthly active users and was the most downloaded app of the year. With those impressive statistics alone, businesses have flocked to the app with the hopes of increasing their audience and overall social media reach. 

On top of its popularity and with the app constantly searching for ways to expand, such as the TikTok Shop for example, businesses are very likely to continue using TikTok. 


A New Search Engine Emergence 

In 2023, search engine marketing may change thanks to many social media users treating TikTok as a search engine. Generation Z is reported to use the app as their own personal form of Google and if this trend continues, advertisers, businesses and search engines themselves will have to find a way to pivot. 

With the potential emergence of a new search engine, there will be a renewed focus on creating content that audiences will want to consume – especially if social media apps become the new search engine. And the methods of increasing your chances of being found on a new search engine are also very likely to change. 

With Google being the most dominant search engine, it will be interesting to see if an alternate search engine emerges and if it can actually be successful.


New Year, New Trends, Same Blufish 

It will be interesting to see if these predictions actually come true by the end of the year, or if other marketing strategies become successful instead. One of the most important things for marketing teams to do is to pay attention to trends and apply them where and when they make the most sense for your clients. 

If your business is interested in implementing new marketing strategies and goals for 2023 and beyond, Blufish is here to assist! Contact us today to begin a wonderful partnership!

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